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Ft9ja Traders get paid up to 80% Profit Split. What's more. FT9ja Classic Traders get paid up to 10% even during the evaluation (Talent Bonus). Always remember to trade within our guidelines

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You choose your medium of getting paid: bank account or paypal. You choose between weekly or monthly payouts. It is as simple as this getting paid with FT9ja!

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We want you to win, so we created the best next-generation prop firm in the world.

  • Talent Bonus

    Get paid during evaluation

  • Fast Payout

    Weekly or monthly payout (after the first 10 days)

  • Flexible

    No time limit to achieve 25% profit target.

  • One-time Payment

    No hidden fee or monthly payment

  • Wide Range of Instruments

    Trade currencies, commodities, stocks, and their indices.

  • 2nd Chance Account

    Naija happens - get a 2nd account free of charge

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It takes 1 minute to sign up. Sign up for a funding model, choose an Account Size, and receive your Trading Account details within 24 hours.

Feedback from our traders

Thousands of Traders love trading with FT9ja Prop Firm. Here's what some of them say.

The best prop so far, FT9JA

Ft9ja our home based Prop is really a dream come true. The amazing offers they provide for Nigerian traders especially synthetic indices traders is amazingly wow. Affordable purchase fees, refund available, 2nd chance account should in case you lose your first account. Getting paid for passing the evaluation which is only just one phase. I mean Ft9ja is really great and I know they would attain more heights in the coming years. Cheers to ft9ja and Nigerian traders. This is a big blessing to us here. Ft9ja all the way


FT9ja is the best prop firm I have ever used

FT9ja is by far the best prop firm I have ever used. Their rules are so clear and easy. I would recommend FT9ja to as many Traders as I can any day any time! Honestly, the only time anyone would have issues with FT9ja is if you don’t read the rules. More Traders really need to know about FT9ja. I mean, which other prop firm gives you a second chance account when you violate a rule? no time limit to pass the evaluation? or even the ability to trade volatility indices? None! If you are an excellent Trader, trading with Ft9ja should be a walk in the park

Shalom Hassan

FTMO alternative for Nigerian online Traders.

There isn’t a brand like this in Nigeria presently that I know of. I know a couple of European prop firm but Ft9ja’s service is innovative, flexible, and more suitable for Naija Traders. Trust me, they are going blow soon. The only issue is their customer service; they don’t respond on time on weekends. Enjoying trading for them currently, prompt payments…would recommend them anytime and any day


FT9ja has exceeded my expectations.

I have been trading with FT9ja for about 3 months now and So far the whole experience has been very positive and FT9ja has exceeded my expectations. I love their mode of operation because they provide a conducive environment for us their traders via an efficient support system. Their talent bonus and Profit split withdrawals are well processed and very promptly. Yes! I’ll highly recommend FT9ja to all traders who are serious about their trading but need a funded account.


Trading with discipline. I believe trading with FT9ja has made me...

I believe that trading with FT9ja has helped me to become more disciplined and confident in my trading. Because trading necessitates coaching and support, I respect the advice given at each stage.

Adumu Usman

Honest and Dedicated Account Manager

I trade with ft9ja. Today I needed help from Bassey, my Account Manager, becos I had a few questions any my trading performance. Bassey answered my chat request. his responses were quick and clear and he took his time. I can tell he is a really hard worker guy and I wish every other prop firm have a dedicated Account Manager like FT9ja!


Got introduced to Mr Bassey as my

Got introduced to Mr Bassey as my account manager. I must say he works really hard, a manager who took time out to send voicenotes just to make sure I understood the rules in details. My advice to traders read the rules if you do not understand ask Mr bassey, trust me he will put you through.


It’s a 5 star for me because they pay

It’s a 5 star for me because they pay you up to 80% weekly!!!

Samuel Edu

Consistent Guys

Me and my guys thought the prop firm model can’t work in Nigeria. But FT9ja has proved us wrong by being consistent and transparent. A team of bold and hardworking guys.Trading naija will never be the same again!


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Choose between the revolutionary FT9ja Classic and the traditional Challenge Funding Model. Select an Account Size and start trading within 24 hours.

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