How FT9ja Classic Works?

We believe you have what it takes to be successful. Sign up for a funding model, choose an account size, and start trading to earn as soon as 10 days.

Sign up

Choose your Account Size, select a Broker, and you’ll receive login details to a ZumaRock Account™ within 24 hours of purchase. This is the account you’ll begin trading.

Start Trading

Choose between 5% weekly or 10% monthly Talent Bonus. When you grow your Zuma Account to 25% (no time limit), you move to the Aso Account and you start earning up to 80% Profit Split.

Fast Payout

Receive payouts as soon as 10 days. You choose your medium of getting paid: bank account or Paypal. Choose between weekly or monthly payouts. It is as simple as this getting paid with FT9ja!.

rules block

You are allowed a maximum daily drawdown of 5%.
This means that your trading account balance or equity should not go below 5% of the days starting equity. For example, your starting equity for the day is $5,100. 5% of $5,100 is $255 which means that your equity must not go below $4,845.

Note: Equity takes into account the closed trades and the floating trades. Without any open positions, the equity is equal to the balance.

Meet Sam


Meet Sam

Starting out with a $25,000 Zuma Account

Sam makes 25% profit within the first month => N6,250,000 (25% of N25,000,000) Sam is on a monthly payout plan: Talent Bonus of N625,000 (10% of N6,250,000) is paid to Sam
Sam has now grown the Zuma Account to 25% within 1 month. As such, he now qualifies for the Aso Account at 80% Profit Split level. He makes 10% profit at the end of the first month trading the Aso Account=> N2,500,000 (10% of N25,000,000).
Profit Split N2,000,000 (80% of N2,500,000) is paid to Sam. With a monthly income of around 1.4 million Naira (if consistent), Sam is now in the league of professional Traders in Nigeria.